Dr. Logmann is committed to providing the very best dentistry has to offer in a setting that makes his patients feel relaxed and well treated. He has a long standing tradition of providing personalized care and works closely with his patients, creating a treatment plan that they understand and agree with.

Dr. Logmann has completed many times over the yearly required continuing education hours and offers his patients the newest dental techniques and approaches. 28 years of experience in the community, and countless hours of continuing education has perfected his ability to provide beautiful cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. Dr. Logmann works personally with our labs to provide custom fit crowns, bridges, veneers, partials and dentures.

Dr. Logmann is a member of the A.D.A., I.D.A., Northwest Indiana Dental Society, Hammond Education Foundation Board, and Calumet Literary Council. He is the Hammond Head Start Advisor and has received the Chamber of Commerce Community Achievement Award. Dr. Logmann is a member of the Concerned Businessman’s Association of America and, as seen in the Calumet Press Newspaper, has earned National and State recognition by the Governor of Indiana for sponsoring a local teen who won the National Children’s Set a Good Example Competition. Dr. Logmann has shown his concern and dedication for the betterment of his community.

Dr. Logmann conducts weekly meetings with the staff of well qualified professionals in order to work as a team to constantly improve patient satisfaction. Dr. Logmann wants his patients to know he cares and wants them to feel that they are truly treated as his guests. Patients often comment about how much they enjoy and appreciate the friendly and efficient staff.