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Scott Dujmovich

(Photograph by Tony V. Martin.)

(Photograph by Tony V. Martin.)

Building a corporate culture that expects excellence from everyone involved, that constructs networks of communication and that recognizes civic responsibility is Scott Dujmovich’s mission for Golden Technologies, a firm that provides design and marketing and custom solutions for medium and small businesses.

One of four partners who met while working at Bethlehem Steel in the 1990s, Dujmovich initiated a movement at the Valparaiso-based company that “has lead to growth and development of a healthy, stable corporate community,” says Nat Finn, Golden’s Internet marking specialist, who nominated the 37-year old for the 2010 Class of ‘20 Under 40.’ “His initiation inspired one common vision for Golden: ‘Excellence in connecting people, business and technology’.”

Two of the founding partners started a side business in 1996 to help solve companies’ problems using technology, says Dujmovich.

“Three of us worked together in the same department at Bethlehem. We started doing side jobs that feed our interest in technology and solutions,” he says.

Those interests have been major focuses in Dujmovich’s life. A native of South Haven in Porter County, he graduated from Portage High School in 1992 and enrolled at Purdue University Calumet in Hammond to study electrical engineering. With a newly-minted bachelor of science degree, he was hired by Bethlehem Steel in 1998 right out of college as a process control engineer.

Engineering appealed to Dujmovich’s love of troubleshooting and logical thinking. Those same qualities are what he brings to Golden Technologies, he says. “I began working with the original partners in 1998. The side jobs soon became a regular job, and we opened shop as Golden Technologies in August of 2000. Naming the company was serendipitous.


Age: 37
Golden Technologies
2402 Beech St, Valparaiso
219.462.7200 or 866.806.7127

“The partners needed to decide what to name the company. One of the partner’s dogs, a Golden Retriever named Eddie, was sitting next to him. That’s how Golden Technologies got its name,” he says. “We all love dogs here. My wife, Stephani, and I have two dogs. When we retire, we hope to have land and rescue dogs.”

Golden Technologies’ expertise in applying technology to solve problems provides employment for some 50 people in the company’s Valparaiso headquarters and offices in South Bend and Naples, Florida.

“We do design and marketing work for our clients that includes designing websites, and marketing brochures and branding,” Dujmovich says. We offer custom and simple ways to solve complex problems, such as custom software designs and network designs. We also provide IT support around the clock, 24/7/365.”

Dujmovich counts as his role models his dad, John, who has worked for 40 years as a welder in the BOF (basic oxygen furnace) at the Burns Harbor steel mill.

“I learned my work ethic from my dad. I want to work for what I get in life,” Scott Dujmovich says.

“My dad came from a very poor family and had to quit high school to support his family,” Dujmovich says with admiration in his voice. “He is always taking care of his family. I don’t have kids, but I’m always looking for what I can do for others, including Golden’s employees.” The youngest of three boys, Dujmovich says his older brothers also showed him good examples and helped lead him into engineering. One of them is also an electrical engineer.

One of his partners, Steve Massa, has also been a great influence in his life, Dujmovich says. “He’s all about being fair, honest and truthful and helps to support and encourage me as we develop the culture at Golden.”

Part of that corporate culture involves giving back to the community. Golden Technologies contributes time, equipment and funds to numerous local charities and non-profit organizations. That effort involves the Valparaiso Family YMCA. “We provided tons of consulting for the new YMCA facility,” Dujmovich says.

In 2010, Golden Technologies also began providing a free web site design and web site hosting in the company’s data center for one charity or non-profit group a year. Dujmovich and his team perform the work after business hours on their own time. This year’s selection is Banta Feeds’ food drives in Valparaiso. The organization’s web site will go live later this fall.

Long-time supporters of Purdue University, Dujmovich and his partners place a premium on education. The team partners with Discoveries Unlimited of Valparaiso to give 30 junior high students and their mentors in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) program an introduction to information technology.

“We love to give back,” Dujmovich says. “Even when the economy got tougher, we didn’t cut back. In fact, we give more because there’s more need today.”

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