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David Janney

(Photograph by Tony V. Martin.)

(Photograph by Tony V. Martin.)

David G. Janney counts among his role models and mentors three men who showed him by their words and deeds that life has purpose. One was his paternal grandfather, Peyton Janney. The second was a Highland Junior High School English teacher he knows only as Mr. Huber, and the third is Ron Millies, who founded the company of which David Janney is now a partner and vice president.

“My grandfather was a structural engineer by degree. It was just his whole outlook and approach to life that impressed me,” David Janney recalls. “He was logical and he had a plan. It worked well, and it was based on what he had experienced.”

Mr. Huber’s contribution to David Janney’s character and work ethic developed over the entire school year.

“When I was in junior high school, I lacked focus. He believed in trying and achieving, and through the year, he got me to change,” Janney recalls.

“He taught me that there is a value to education and a value to hard work.”

Janney says Millies is still his mentor. “I’ve worked under his tutelage and grown and learned.”

Now a principal and vice president at R.L. Millies, Janney says he always knew he wanted to be an engineer like his grandfather, but preferred electrical engineering to the structural field. He joined Millies while still in high school, drafting designs by hand. After high school, he worked at the company full-time while attending Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, where he received his degree in electrical engineering in 1994. He also earned his Professional Engineer’s license and is a Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional. R. L. Millies & Associates Inc. of Munster is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm that provides innovative and creative evaluations and designs of various environmental systems for commercial, institutional and industrial facilities to end users directly and indirectly through architects and other design professionals, Janney says.

David G. Janney

Age: 39
Principal/Vice President
R.L. Millies & Associates
9711 Valparaiso Drive, Suite A, Munster

According to Janney’s colleagues, he is “a dedicated family man and electrical engineer. I have known Dave for the last 25 years and throughout that time, he has shown continued growth and leadership in the electrical engineering field,” says Lee Millies, company president.

Janney also provides expertise in LEED green design and building techniques. This national certification by the U.S. Green Building Council encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices and rates projects for better environmental and health performance.

Among the LEED-certified projects Janney and his team have worked on are the Centennial Park Clubhouse in Munster; the design and engineering for the new addition to Deep River Water Park in Merrillville and projects at St. Margaret Mercy Hospitals’ Hammond and Dyer campuses. “We’ve also designed everything from elementary schools to a number of municipal buildings,” Janney says. In nominating him for the 20 Under 40 honor, nine people also mentioned Janney’s dedication to his family.

“It amazes me how well he balances his family life and his career,” says Caryn Hilger, one of those nine. “He is extremely proud of his family and is definitely a hands-on Dad. The time and effort he puts into his children show not only through his pride, but in the politeness and happiness that are displayed by his children.” Married since graduating from PUC to wife, Kim, this Schererville resident says they are the proud parents of four children—Jennah, 14; Matt, 13; Erynn, 7, and Sarah, 6.

“I try to be involved with my kids, such as leading scout troops and coaching soccer. My children are involved in dance and guitar, and I attend as many of their activities as I can,” he says. “Hopefully, I’m a role model for my children the way my mentors and role models were in my life.” David Janney credits Kim with keeping life flowing smoothly.

“My wife has been very supportive of my career plans. Without her putting forth the effort, we wouldn’t be where we are,” he says. Janney’s dedication to family extends to his children’s education in the Lake Central School System.

He became involved in the debate over whether to build new education facilities in the Tri-Town area and has organized programs to improve those facilities. Janney also worked with a political action committee to convince the Lake Central School Board to finance construction projects for the burgeoning school system.

“It takes whole community communication,” he says. “What we want is a better education and quality facilities for a reasonable price.”

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