Marcus Schrenker

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Marcus Schrenker

Earlier this year, former Merrillville resident Marcus Schrenker jumped from his plane, which careened into Florida swamp land. The mysterious event prompted many to accuse the money manager -- dogged by marital strife and a fraud investigation -- of trying to fake his own death. Times investigative reporter, Christine Kraly recently talked to Schrenker in the Hamilton County jail to learn more about his bizarre case.


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INDIANAPOLIS | Chris Naylor, the state's top business and investment regulator, has resigned as Indiana securities commissioner, ending a six-year tenure that focused on protecting Hoosiers from economic fraudsters.

INDIANAPOLIS | State officials have finalized the sale of former money manager Marcus Shrenker's stunt plane, with profits from the sale to be used as restitution to his ponzi scheme victims.

INDIANAPOLIS | Former money manager Marcus Schrenker, a Merrillville native who tried to fake his own death and later was convicted of securities fraud, told an Indianapolis television station Monday his wife, Michelle, was an active participant in his crimes.

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A Hamilton Circuit Court judge on Friday approved a restitution plan that would pay 7 cents on the dollar to investors who lost money as a result of fraud led by convicted money manager Marcus Schrenker.

INDIANAPOLIS | Investors who lost millions in the financial schemes of an Indiana money manager who tried to fake his death in a plane crash likely will get back only pennies on the dollar under a plan submitted by his…