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Kid Picks with Philip Potempa

June 11th, 2009 - By Philip Potempa

Here’s our weekly showcase of the latest and greatest new selections in media for youth.

From books and games to educational toys and DVDs, there’s never a dull moment to engage the brains of every generation.

This week, funny feline Garfield the Cat is on DVD, while an adventurous squirrel and the ghost of pirates populate the pages of this week’s books on parade.


AGES 6 TO 12

Garfield’s Pet Force
(Paws, Inc./Davis Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, $19.98)

Let the fur fly! Garfield’s newest full-length feature is a story of epic proportions. It’s an interstellar battle between the characters of Cartoon World and the evil Vetvix who’s bent on controlling the entire universe. Available on DVD June 16, viewers will meet the superhero versions of Garfield, Odie, Nermal and Arlene who exist in a parallel world where their crime fighting powers are the stuff of legend. But when they find themselves in trouble, the fearless foursome have to recruit their earthly counterparts to help save the universe. It’s available in stores next week or at garfield.com.


AGES 6 TO 10

Mr. Wellington
by David Rabe (Roaring Brook Press, $16.95)

Told in alternating chapters from both a squirrel and human point of view, this 96-page hardcover tells the story of a young gray squirrel who falls from a tree and is rescued by a young boy. Naming his new fuzzy tale friend Mr. Wellington, the boy Jonathan now must decide what is the right thing to do when dealing with a wild animal. Illustrations by Robert Andrew Parker help share this important story about the difference between what one wants and what’s best in a sensitive situation. It’s available now in stores.

AGES 10 TO 14

Something Wickedly Weird: Book 3, The Silver Casket
by Chris Mould (Roaring Brook Press, $12.95)

Stanley Buggles just can’t seem to get away from a group of angry pirates. Now, this bloodthirsty mob is eager to find a special key that opens the infamous Silver Casket. Stanley knows exactly where the key is, but he’s not about to hand it over. Now, he’s not only face to face with pirates, but also other unwelcome visitors and even an ornery talking fish. With illustrations also done by author Mould, this 192-page hardcover has plenty of chills and thrills to entertain both young readers and parents alike. It’s available in stores now or at somethingwickedlyweird.com.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer. He can be reached at philip.potempa@nwitimes.com or 219.852.4327.

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