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Get Chartreuse: A giveaway

May 4th, 2010 - By Stephanie Precourt

I’m a lot all-natural. From cooking to cleaning to diapering to what not- everyone is at least a little bit lately. It’s hip! the trend!, and also just better for our families. So, win!

I also love home parties- I’m a sucker for ‘em. If you invite me, I’ll probably come. Because there’s usually good snacks.

So anyway, I went to a Chartreuse party a while back - it’s a company with cute, unique eco-chic products. My kind of party.

I ordered the Natural Bug Spray, Just for Kids Body Wash, Aromatherapy Air Freshener in Citrus and Ginger for each of my bathrooms, and the Skin Soothing Spray. (Preparing for summer- can you tell?)

Sarah, the Chartreuse consultant gifted me with the sample size soap nuts, Organic All Purpose Cleaner in Citrus and Ginger, Organic Bathroom Cleaner in Citrus and Ginger, and Glass Cleaner in Citrus and Ginger.

(By the way, I also love Citrus & Ginger.)

ANYWAY! So, I love everything I’ve tried so far. Like, a lot. I have been a diehard Method fanatic for a long time now and I am SO impressed by the Chartreuse Organic Bathroom Cleaner most of all. I always have felt the Seventh Generation, Shaklee, & Method products I’ve used in the bathroom weren’t REALLY doing their job. They sure do smell great but I always felt like I wasn’t getting it all super clean like the more toxic cleaners do. I’m SO happy with this product!

(I also love the scent!)

Ok, on to the giveaway.

Sarah is giving away $25 to spend at Chartreuse. Leave a comment here to enter (open to US and Canada residents). If you’d like, let us know which items you’re most interested in by visiting the Chartreuse products site (not required for giveaway.)

You can also sign up for the Chartreuse newsletter to stay up to date on the latest products, specials, hosting a party, good things, etc! (Again, not required for giveaway!)

I’ll choose one winner at random next Monday May 10, 2010. Winner will be notified by email.

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Stephanie is Mom to three boys & a baby girl in Valparaiso, IN and blogs daily at Adventures In Babywearing . Follow her on Twitter- she’s babysteph .


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