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NWI Parent
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A Land For All Seasons

January 10th, 2008 - By Stephanie Precourt

Appropriate for the fall, winter, & spring week we’ve had here- “fintering” as I’ve been calling it, or “sprinter”, or “fling”-whatever- Lands’ End has got the whole family, from baby to gramps, covered in these crazy seasons.

Lands’ End baby has fall must-haves for your sweetie pie. Definitely for the more cutesy-like, the softest of soft Corduroy Overalls [$25], Stripe Interlock Bodysuit [$12.50] with genius snaps that grow with your child , and even little soft-soled Loafers [$14.50] will have your little guy looking picture perfect. Seriously, these Loafers are the cutest things ever. And for the wee princess, pair the Corduroy Dress [$19.99] with sweet Mary Janes [$14.50].

Go spring with your diaper bag and cheer everyone up in this dreary weather. Lands’ End’s roomy Diaper Bag Tote [$29.50-$34.50] will hold everything you need and more with 6 mesh pockets on the inside and one outside, a soft changing pad, and full-zip top. You’ll find Lands’ End won’t let you down in quality, style, & price. Watch for even more new styles available this spring. *And keep on reading to see how you can win an adorable pink floral or this charming embroidered frog tote for yourself!

Bigger kids bundle up for the bus stop or snowball fights in the Fleece Jacket [$29.50] and Insulated Squall Pants (snow pants with reinforced knees!) [$39.50], in toddler sizes on up. Complete the look with hats & gloves in a wide array of color choices.

The ThermaCheck Fleece for Men & Women at Lands’ End is made to resist static, is incredibly lightweight, and will keep you warm & cozy. The Half-Zip Pullover [$24.50] layered with my bright green Goose Down puffy vest [only $25!] has been a great combination for outerwear the past couple months. Both of these items are also available for men, too. If you want to get all matchy matchy or something, there you go.

Win! Lands’ End is giving away their charming Diaper Bag Totes all over the place and that includes here! I have a pink floral or blue with embroidered frog tote to giveaway, each worth $34.50. Just leave a comment if you’d like to win and I’ll choose two winners at random. Enter by Monday January 14 before 11:59 pm. Contest is closed.

Congrats to the winner of the pink floral bag- Sundi said I would love to win– the pink floral is adorable! And to Denise, winner of the blue frog tote, I have a friend Stephanie with 3 boys too. And I also  have 3 boys. I’d love to win the blue bag. Land’s End is the best!

Find me warming up over at Adventures In Babywearing.

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Where Has All The Winter Gone?

January 8th, 2008 - By Stephanie Precourt

So I was planning on writing this fabulous post all about great weather gear for kids & parents during this frigid, snowy winter. Great boots for the little ones (and on sale, too!) My favorite boots (in black) with Ugg looks but Payless prices thanks to Marshalls clearance (hello, $20!). And um, then winter went away. Or something? What the heck is going on with these record high temps? Global warming? Who knows.

The thunderstorms last night freaked me out a bit, but I’m doing ok now. I think it’s spring. It smells like spring. I even saw a worm on the sidewalk today. And a ladybug in my bathroom. But it’s dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. And, oh yeah, it’s January, people! My body is confused. I am pretty certain there’s still a blizzard just waiting around the corner. Proabably scheduled for Spring Break, if you know the Midwest.

And funny thing is that as I’ve composed this post tonight, a chill has come upon us and I had to go upstairs and turn on the heat. Oh, dreary weather, would you please make up your mind? And now I’m worrying about those silly worms and ladybugs. Where do they go now? At least my boots can get me through slush and mud in the meantime.

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Got Snow?

December 19th, 2007 - By Stephanie Precourt

It just hit me yesterday that we’re only at the beginning of winter. I was loving the big snowstorm on Sunday and now we’re left with heaps of heavy snow like jagged icebergs at the end of driveways and randomly throughout choppy parking lots. No signs of melting anytime soon. I would love for us to have a white Christmas, but preferably with some new and improved white stuff.

I also realized that even though the bitter cold and winter has just begun, I’ve already lost all of my gloves. Usually I make it past the New Year with at least one pair. Where do they all go? I chronically put them in my lap when I drive, then I get out of the car and never look back. My kids are even on their first pair still- they manage to go to school and come home every day without losing them. Tips anyone? Other than attaching them through my coat with a string?

Upon waking up this morning I officially decided that I can not wait for Christmas break. Just a few more days until the kids are off for two whole weeks! I can sleep in! Hubby is starting to think that my lack of slumber is seriously causing me to be delirious. “You realize they will all be home all day long for two whole weeks, right?”

All I can think about is the possibility of sleeping past 8 am. We’ll see how the rest of the time goes. They will have lots of new Christmas presents to keep them occupied. That should last about a day or two until the novelty wears off. I’ll have just enough time to get a little extra sleep in the morning and then come up with some good ideas to keep us all sane during the break. My hope is to go as long as possible without turning on the TV or video games. Tips, anyone? Without having to leave the house (with the kids)?


I’ve announced the winner for the latest giveaway and I’ll have another one up later this week. People keep sending me stuff and I’ll keep giving it away!

You just might catch me blogging at Adventures In Babywearing, too.

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