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Mother’s Day 2011

May 8th, 2011 - By Rick Kaempfer

Every year the boys and I try to make Mother’s Day special for Bridget. We do the usual Mother’s day stuff like making her breakfast and trying to be nice to her all day, but we also give her some sort of multi-media project that she can remember this day by for many years. In the past we’ve done videos, movies, power-point displays, songs, audio presentations, musical concerts, and more.

This year the boys each recited a poem for her. I helped with the rhyming schemes, but they came up with the subject matter and the points of reference.

Here was Tommy’s presentation…

It’s been more than 15 years,
Since you gave birth to me,
So you’ve waited a long time now,
For my first apology,
But in 2011,
On this Mother’s Day,
Your wait is over,
Because I’d like to say,
I’m sorry for the nights,
I screamed and screamed til 3,
Sorry the apartment folks,
Weren’t so fond of me,
Sorry for the times I left,
Without saying “See ya,”
Especially that one time that,
You lost me at Ikea,
Sorry that I got so mad
I ran away from home,
And sorry Dad is making me,
Recite this cheesy poem,
But then again it’s really,
The least that I can do,
Because I’m very lucky,
That my mother is you.

Johnny (age 13) came next…

I hear that of all your boys,
I’m the most like you,
So many people have told me that,
I guess it must be true,
We may not react so well,
When our team loses,
We may both be known,
For having shorter fuses,
We may share a weakness,
For things with chocolate chips,
We may both get cranky,
Between vacation trips,
But each time I was compared to you,
I knew just what that meant,
You’re such a special person,
It’s a compliment.

And then finally, here’s the contribution from Sean (age 8)…

If you were a Pokemon,
I tell you what you’d be,
You’d be the best of all of them,
With 210 HP,
You would be a legendary,
That could even fly,
You’d be one of only three,
Attacking from the sky,
You’d also be a water type,
Because your eyes are blue,
And though my friends may beg me,
I’m never trading you.

Bridget looks forward to the Mother’s Day surprise every year. My mom, on the other hand, is not a big surprise person so we handle her present a little differently.

Instead of doing a big show, I simply ask her “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” And she just tells me. It’s the German way.

This year she’s getting a GPS. That should eliminate the only possible reason for her not being punctual. I don’t think it’s ever happened anyway, but the possibility did technically exist until today. Please plan your events accordingly. I’d personally recommend telling her the event begins at least 30 minutes later than it actually begins.

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