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September 22nd, 2010 - By Beth Fletcher

There’s this thing I learned a few weeks ago at a conference that tells me to get all of my important work done during my “peak” hours.

I considered this. “What are my peak hours?”

The morning. The morning is when my mind is the sharpest, (which, quite honestly, is not very sharp), it’s when I am the most inspired, when I have my best ideas and it’s also when I need to take care of a very needy baby.

I also considered this: “What is my important work?”

Right now, the baby is sleeping, fairly peacefully in his crib. I can see him, with my video monitor, which is only slightly distracting but distracting, nonetheless.

I sit at my computer and my brain explodes. There is so much I need to do. So much I want to do. And so very little time. This is the point where I truly struggle with “working” from home.

And see how I did that? The little quotations around the word “working?” That’s my way of undermining what I do for a living. I am just now truly admitting to myself that I really WORK at home. And I do! I make money from home. I plan, I brainstorm, I have projects and deadlines. I have commitments and clients, clients who take me seriously abut yet, I do not take myself seriously.

But that has to change because I am ready to grow. I am ready to take on even more, though I do not know where I’ll carve out the time but I have my chisel ready, I’m ready to tackle whatever it is.

I have inspiration & ideas that have been bottled up for too long. I’m NEEDING to let it all out, slowly, like how you open up a 2 liter bottle of pop (soda? coke?). You do it slowly so it doesn’t explode and spray and create a sticky mess. I’m turning the cap slowly…

I’m excited to see what happens. But mostly, I’m excited that I have finally admitted to myself that I ACTUALLY work. That was the hard part.

Now, onto the next chapter.

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