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NWI Parent
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Failure to launch

January 7th, 2011 - By Beth Fletcher


I love the way the first of the year gives everyone the feeling of starting fresh. Even though it’s just a date, nothing really changes, yet, most of us want to make big changes.

I want to make these changes but really, I need to make these changes. It astonishing to me that I actually run a business from my home without even a desk. I have no filing system, I have items in the garage, my laundry room, my kitchen, living room, my basement and my car. When it comes time to meet with a client I am completely and totally overwhelmed and almost always forget something.

I feel a little like a homeless person running a business from my shopping cart except not as organized.

We need to make a change but it can’t be too drastic because we just don’t have the space for a drastic change. Eli, my little nine month old, is now extremely mobile and likes to play with anything that is not a toy. He crawls, pulls himself up, plays with DVD players and has a keen eye for spotting electrical cords which are scattered all over our living room.

Don’t blame us. Two weeks ago he would just randomly roll all over the place and wherever he landed, he would sit up and play. Now, he gets up on his knees and hands, scopes out the lay of the land and sets his eyes on the teeny tiny piece of plastic nine feet away that the vacuum cleaner didn’t pick up when we vacuumed five minutes before.

And he does this every four minutes.

What does this have to do with getting organized?

I need my new workspace to be in the living room but away from Eli’s play area, I need his play area to not contain plugs, wires, DVD players or Polly Pockets and I need my area to not be cluttered which is impossible because my house is a giant pile of clutter. My workspace must be near Eli, there is no way around it.

Beginning today, I’ll have an actual work computer…which I think will be the start to a life less cluttered, which I so desperately need.

I’m going to attempt what I feel is the impossible, I’m going to integrate my work with my family and try to do the best with both worlds.

Is this possible?

Man, I hope so.

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