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Someone smashed his ho-ho

October 14th, 2009 - By Beth Fletcher

Everyday, I go over the school lunch menu for the kids’ school to find out what they’d like for lunch the following day.

I let them choose between home lunch and school lunch.

Noah almost always chooses home lunch. When I pack their lunches, I pack a sandwich, string cheese, fruit and a dessert. The dessert is usually a cake of some sort, like a Little Debbie or something from Hostess. This is a big deal to them because I have always done a good job of not really offering many sweets to them. In fact, it’s to the point now where Noah actually chose raisins over chocolate chip cookies at his Grandma’s house the other day. And this is not a rare occurrence.

However, they still enjoy their treats when they get them. Who doesn’t?

Because I was a stay at home Mom, I could consistently make their lunches everyday. Same type of food, same time, every day. They would first eat a sandwich or some other main item with a vegetable and maybe some cheese or a few crackers. Once they were finished with that, I gave them fruit as their dessert.

It worked quite well for us. It has worked out so well that if I don’t give them fruit, they both complain.

So, now that the kids are in school and I’m not there to personally deliver them their lunch, I just trust that they’ll make the right decisions and also eat their lunches.

Noah ALWAYS eats all of his lunch. He is not a rule breaker and even eats his food in the same order. Sandwich. Cheese. Fruit. Dessert. I love his sweet innocence and realize that it will not last forever, but for now, ohmy, it’s the best.

Yesterday, Noah sits down, minding his own business at the lunch table, eats his entire bologna sandwich with butter on whole wheat, eats his string cheese, devours his grapes and carefully opens up his ho-ho. He pulls it out of the package, sets it on the table and the girl next to him smashes it.

He picks it up and throws it away.

He tells me this story and my first instinct is to go kick some kindergarten tail, but I realize, that is not a wise decision. I want to cuddle him and offer him a FEAST of ho-hos, but I don’t, I want to call the school and his teacher and find out WHY this five year old child is TOUCHING my son’s food. But I don’t do that, either.

But I can’t stop thinking about this happening to him. I can’t stop feeling what his heart must have felt like when he watched this happen, he is such a good boy and he would never even think to do something like this and yet, this happens to him.

So, what did I do? I explain to him that what that child did is the exact reason why we want to be nice and loving to everybody. That we never want to make someone feel the way she made him feel.

He agreed. And I hugged him and kissed him and told him I was sorry it happened to him.

And then I told him he had better tell his teacher the very next day.

Not surprisingly, he said “okay.”

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