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Cruisin’ On a Sunday Afternoon

May 5th, 2011 - By Jamie Bissot

Well, what’dya know, Easter snuck up on us a week or so ago – even though it was later than usual – ok, April snuck up on me as a whole.  But, back to Easter. We’re 10 hours away from friends, family and the traditions we’ve celebrated our entire lives. That means we get to start new ones.

While it’s a bit sad knowing you can’t be with your family at your usual spot on a particular holiday, it is kind of exciting to find new things to try and love. So, Easter weekend, we had a great dinner party with friends in our home, then Sunday decided to celebrate by doing something special – and out of the ordinary for us.

I’d read about the Odyssey Dinner Cruise at Navy Pier and heard other people talk about how much fun they had – but we’d never considered it because we have small kids.

For us Small kids + Confined spaces + Open water (and no prayer or returning to your car if they spazz out) = NO go. But, we knew Odyssey was hosting a special Easter Brunch cruise featuring the Easter Bunny and thought, “Yeah, we can totally do this.”

So, Sunday morning (we’re not always on top of our game) we were lucky to see that tickets were still available. We decked out in our finest Easter frocks and headed into the city.  We made it to Navy Pier in 45 minutes and then realized we’d made the rookie mistake of getting on the boat WAY earlier than departure. I could see a storm brewing in my toddler’s eyes – 3 hours on a boat. No car to escape to. No way to go home should she have a meltdown.

We tried to pace her through the buffet. Our servers were awesome and helped us entertain her a bit. The boat set sail and we knew we might be in for a bumpy ride with 2 more hours to go. Meanwhile my 5-yr-old daughter was being the perfect little lady.  She was so excited to be able to take part in this special day trip – not to mention the white tablecloths, napkins and goblets.

Still, we were nervous. A 3-yr-old who’s out of food and no longer interested in the smooth jazz band could have been a disaster. Then, we were informed that the entire upper deck was transformed into a movie viewing room with coloring tables and….the Easter Bunny! We were saved!  Hip Hip Hooray!

We had a great time on our Chicago Odyssey Cruise and although I’m not ready to brave the open waters again so soon, moms sail for free on Mother’s Day – so go, have a buffet, enjoy the jazz and the water. Go figure my favorite part was the food – specifically the salad. Luckily, here’s a link to the recipe for the Odyssey Cruise Mixed Greens with Apples and Strawberries which is awesome!

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