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Just Another Preschool Dropout

September 21st, 2011 - By Jamie Bissot

I’ve shared some of the trials of adjusting to the new school year with my first grader – she’s really doing great now. She loves her teacher, is embracing her new challenges and is thriving in her environment. Things with my preschooler….well….not so great – I know right? She’s three!

I was thrilled to find a really sweet little nursery school where she would be encouraged to explore and be creative. I couldn’t wait for her to start her new school and get into a new environment filled with supportive teachers and a thorough little curriculum.

She’s three – newly three at that, and there are a few expectations she’s expected to meet in order to attend – one being pretty potty-trained. “Pretty” meaning she should pretty much be there.

Well, she’s not. I wish, oh how I wish she was, but she’s not. I’ve done this before and while I remember the road being long, I also remember letting my older child go at her own pace – and it worked out. Yes, she was trained by three, but why should I expect the same from a totally different little person? Not to mention this little person makes sure everything happens on HER terms, but I digress.

Every day since she started her new school two or three weeks ago, I’ve had to pick her up early – really early – because she’s had an accident. I feel bad for her because I know she’d rather stay at school and have fun, but her well-timed accidents (always within one hour of arriving) just aren’t compatible with the school’s potty policy. She just doesn’t see what the big deal is – what are all these grown-ups for, if not to change your pants and send you on your way?

The teachers couldn’t be sweeter or more supportive, willing to help us, offer suggestions, etc… But the little one is just on her own schedule and she’s going to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. I don’t believe in – nor will I – force her by making her feel ashamed or yucky over it. Instead (for us anyway) we try to encourage her and pay her in M&M’s for a successful job (translation: I bribe).

So, there it is, we may actually be failing preschool. Such is the life and times of a mom of a three-yr-old I suppose. There’s always next year, right?

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